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Tips For Finding Affordable Moving and Packing Near Me.

Packing isn't for everyone. It's tedious and time-consuming and one of the least fun parts of moving. At Archer's Moving Services we take care of that for you. Check out the story below of how we helped one of our clients with their packing woes. And call us today so we can help you with yours! 

"From a nightmare to a dream. I trusted you guys with my life, and you have revived my faith in moving companies."


In January of 2020, a very lovely elderly woman gave us a call (for confidential purposes, let's call her Lisa). Lisa needed help packing her items but she was very scared to trust anyone with her precious belongings. She had used another moving company a few years earlier to pack and move her items. But by the end, when her daughter was unpacking everything for her, she told Lisa that every dish was broken, her china was shattered to pieces, and her important documents were thrown into random boxes without labels. Lisa was mortified and heartbroken. Her mother, who had recently passed, had given her that china. The only thing to survive was a box of nicknacks, also a gift from her mother, which Lisa had packed up and taken herself. She was very hesitant when talking with us, but with a lot of reassurance, she eventually felt trusting enough to hire us.

We carefully packed everything with as much love and care as we could possibly give to each item. Lisa noticed this and thanked us for our kindness. "This is your life, and we will take care of it like it is our own." Sean, the owner, said to her. Everything made it to the dropoff address without a single scratch. Yes, she started unpacking the boxes as they came through the door. She was so happy as she unpacked her items from her mom that she began to cry. "From a nightmare to a dream. I trusted you guys with my life, and you have revived my faith in moving companies. Thank you." Lisa said as we headed out, leaving her to enjoy her new home.

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