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Moving Tips

Make a list

Make a list of all of the large items that will need to be moved, including appliances, furniture (indoor and outdoor), grills, etc. 

Large and small packing
Pack bigger boxes with light items such as pillows, blankets, and other odd items that wont fit in smaller boxes. You must keep in mind the boxes are only made of cardboard. 
The smaller boxes can be used to pack heavier items such as cans, books and other heavy items. 
Packing don'ts 

Try to avoid empty spaces when packing.

Avoid using odd little boxes to pack such as shoe boxes or old amazon boxes.

Don't forget your refrigerated items!

Reserve parking

Make sure to reserve parking the night before to ease the moving process. 

Final walk through

Always double-check that you are not forgetting something. Walk through each section of the space and make sure each room is empty.

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